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P.Z. Myers And Rebecca Watson Involved In Skeptic Sex Scandal, Economics

In News on August 12, 2012 at 11:15 am

August 12th 2012, Facebook, Stalinist Russia

On August 12th 2012 shocking, hot pictures of P.Z. Myers and Rebecca Watson surfaced on The Internet, TIME, taking the community by storm.

When asked for a comment P.Z. Myers stated that “Yes, I am fem enough and I will prove otherwise if challenged! I have sucked on more teats than you can imagine!”

The pictures were quickly reposted on Facebook and outrage from the community manifested in a hate-campaign and bullying of P.Z. Myers on Twitter and The Underbelly Of Society. A call for resignation as the leader of  Freethought Blogs was heard from many places.

“P.Z. Myers went too far,” Ophelia Benson commented, “he must step down as our leader, especially from that stool, it looks ridiculous!”

In the wake of concentrated hatred and bullying, Rebecca Watson issued a statement that she was not in any way involved in letting P.Z. Myers “[...]suck on her teat”. Many have accused her of denial and cognitive dissonance considering the significant visual evidence to the contrary.

“I am not the Ke$ha of atheism,” she stated “if anything I’m more of a Justin Bieber”.

As the rift in the skeptical community grows from this scandal, many atheist skeptic agnostic feminist ultra radical left-wing activists are questioning their leaders, as well as if a god exists.

  1. This site is hilarious!
    Especially this story. Loved the comment from Ophelia!

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