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Christina Rad Hates Opinions, Low Resolution Videos

In News on August 12, 2012 at 1:26 am

August 12th 2012, Youtube, Uruguay

On August 12th 2012 Christina Rad, of radical feminist fame, shared her invaluable advice with the Internet.

In her professionally recorded bluray self-help video “Help For Haters”, Christina “ZOMGitsChriss” Rad details with reason and logic the way for a better life as an atheist feminist activist skeptic. Her rather plain and less then appealing appearance on screen contrasts with her wit and reasoning displayed in her magnum opus.

“You see, since it’s dawn in 1457, The Internet had one crucial flaw of allowing people self expression and the exercise of free speech. Now finally the society is catching up with the technology and we can finally curb this annoying trend” Christina told The Lonely Elevator in a steamy private call.

“I hired Industrial Light And Magic for the special effects in the video” she continues “Do you see my hair in this shot? It’s actually CGI, in fact, my face is too! I want only the best quality for my audience.”

The Lonely Elevator has been informed by reliable sources that Christinas video broke the Guinness Book record in fastest selling video on youtube of all time in the first 32.6 nano-seconds after publishing.

Due to Christinas success 4chans /b/ has issued a statement of apology to mankind and has resigned from its official presidency over The Internet shortly after release.

“The authistic bitch has a point” was the last recorded comment before 4chan collapsed in on itself, leaving many innocent Internet-commuters cut off from their loli-porn.

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